Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 32 of 365: Sunday Morning Creep In Like a Nun

It's a new month, which means closer to seeing Ian and getting married. And now we can say "We're getting married next month!" Plus, look what the photo is this month. *sighs* Next month is Paris. I think they should've switched them around. Oh well.....the calender means a lot to me since it was give to me by Ian's Mum. She said "All your friends will be able to see the different places you've been in England." This is the only photo from England in there. Bless her.

Today was pretty uneventful. I ran like a mad woman at work. Which, is February 1st and the maintenance department STILL hasn't picked up the Christmas trees and decorations that are sitting in our activity room taking up TONS of space. We've battled some of the maintenance guys twice due to this. They're lazy sods.

Oh yeah, and Super Bowl is tonight. Big

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