Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 35 of 365: Love Is You, You and Me

Ian found Picnik today, it appears. So really, I'm cheating in this post...but heck, I post several photos in one sometimes, so this can count today. Mind you, Ian is VERY technologically inclined when it comes to things, so I'm impressed that he did this photo with the editing site (even if I do have a crazy mustache). This is now his display photo on MySpace. Lovely. :p

And I didn't feel like taking a photo today. I'm tired, and all I had today was work and it snowed yet AGAIN. But this weekend it's supposed to get up to like, 50F so the snow should melt. Atleast I have Saturday off.....might go out and pick up the stuff for the centerpieces, we shall see.

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