Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 45 of 365: Happy Valentine's Day!

Ohhh...the most romantic holiday, supposedly.

So today was pretty typical. Woke up, had coffee, went to work. We had a party for the residents and I decorated the table. They enjoyed it.

Then I hurried home, got changed to get all purdy and sexy for Ian, and spent a few hours talking to him. We opened our presents, and this is what was inside that beautifully wrapped package:

He had a book made with pictures of us, and different quotes on love. It's absolutely beautiful and it made me cry several times. I love it. And the last page was of the last photo we took together while on the Isle of Wight and it says "The Journey Continues xxxxxx" LOVE IT!


  1. That is THE BEST gift ever!!! Way to go Ian.

  2. How did your book for David turn out, btw?

  3. Huh...I got flowers and pork chops. My man knows I love me some pork products! We had decided to go look at wedding rings on Saturday and we only bought his. I think I need to stop reflecting on Saturday.....

    The book was a beautiful idea!