Monday, November 8, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

I suppose today is a perfect day to be home ill from work.

Quick rundown (since we had no internet for two weeks).

The Wednesday before we moved (so that was 21st Oct.) I started to get this cough. It went on and on for weeks. Friday my boss was concerned thinking I had a chest infection, and asked if I could get checked out. Went to the walk-in centre (thank you NHS) on Saturday and saw a nurse, who confirmed that yes, I have a chest infection.

Now, I'm home sick from work, and I can barely walk up and down our stairs without getting out of breath.

Thankfully, the new surgery that we registered with could fit me in today to see at Dr. and have my asthma rescue inhailer prescription renewed since I have run out of it.

Atleast I can lay in bed in a nice, warm house in (new) comfy pajamas and slippers while watching TV. And looking forward to this evening when Ian and I can watch more of this (I think my latest obsession):

But now it is back to coffee and watching TV. I'll probably have to dig out some movies or something because day time television is rubbish here.