Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Haven't Written... yonks years!

Christmas has come and gone, a new year has begun, Valentine's Day has now passed, and Tuesday is the first of March.

Where as the time gone?!

Since I last wrote I have had ups and downs. Lots of challenges with work, getting a new job, and then turning it down. The CQC came in and we got a compliant rating, and things were looking on the up and up. Now, residents are falling ill, or just falling, and the home is emptying out one room by one. We unfortunately lost one resident this week, which is sad.

And in 24 days my Dad will be here for two weeks to visit. SOOOOOOOO looking forward to that. The three of us will be traveling around the UK catching up with people and seeing sites. We're trying York again because last time we had to cut our holiday short due to food poisoning.

Ian and I have changed our eating habits (but not 100% strict) and we're now SLOWLY starting to lose some weight.

Friends have had great news to share. I won't go into full details all around, because I can't, but you all know who you are. :)

So it's been busy since Christmas. Let's see what life brings next!