Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 102 of 365: Sun, Sun, Sun....Here It Comes

Ian and I slept in nice and late each day this weekend. Was quite nice.

Weather was absolutely GORGEOUS today, so we took a walk by the Test River and through Romsey. The one area we hung out at the most was called Salmon Leap because it's where the salmon migrate up to and lay their eggs every year. Hopefully we'll get to see it next year.

Afterwards we went into Cafe Nero and had a drink. Buuuttt.....the saddest moment of the day was when the Beatles purse Ian got me for Christmas 2007 broke. HOPEFULLY the seamstress that's coming by tomorrow can fix it. If not, that's another Beatles purse down the tubes due to a faulty strap.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 101 of 365: The Love of My Man

LOL I adore my husband.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 100 of 365: Splish Splash

Another lazy day here in ol' Romsey.

Woke up with Ian this morning, watched some TV for about an hour, then fell back to sleep for a bit.

Weather was quite warm today as well. Did a load of wash, and when I FINALLY was able to put it out on the line, THAT'S when it drizzled. As soon as I brought the laundry in, the sky cleared up. But, by then it was too late. Ian and gotten home from work and we were off to his sister's place to get our hair cut (I just got a trim).

Had a lovely chat with our friend from Germany, named Mel. And Ian made me some tofu pizza. The tofu was marinated in an Indian curry spice which was divine. I'm blessed to have a husband that knows how to cook. :)

And STILL no word about the job. They were supposed to phone me yesterday, and never did. So I phoned today and the bosses were not available. So, guess I'll just wait for them to call instead of chasing after them. And I looked for jobs again today...forgot about that

Thank goodness it's the weekend though. Tomorrow I'll be less bored since Ian and I are going out in the morning and evening. And we're also going to watch the FA Cup Final. I think I'll root on Everton...because every time I see/hear about them I think of Christine. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 99 of 365: Guess Who's Back....Back Again...

So, I've been WAY behind on my blog. With the coaxing of Christine and Meg, I'm back once again. HOPEFULLY I can keep up this Ian says it's lack of dedication. I say it's boredom with the internet half the time.

The weather is quite nice today. Bit cloudy, but it's warm and actually slightly humid. And I'm not feeling 100% today for some odd reason. Hmmm... I'm not doing much today. Hence the photo.

Just waiting for the nursing home to phone about the job (if I don't hear from them by 3pm, I'll probably phone them AGAIN). Looking for jobs in the Thursday Echo, and watching TV (I literally watch Comedy Central all day while Ian is at work...I miss American while taking breaks every now and then to read a bit of my book.