Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 339 of 365: On Our Way Back Home

Kathryn and I made our way home from Newport today.

Don't think we'll go back there again.

Our B&B was nice, and the people that work there were even nicer, but we barely got ANY sleep because there were Newport natives screaming, yelling, and playing loud music outside until about 5am today. So K got a few winks on the train, while I couldn't. Was listening to my iPod when the battery died, texted Ian when my cell phone battery died. So I sat and watched the English countryside go by.

When I got in, I was incredibly excited to load my photos onto my laptop and post them on Facebook from the show last night, and my computer wouldn't start. ARG!

Phoned my BIL, Yog, after the football (England lost to Germany 4-1) and asked his advice. He said to just bring it over to have him look at it. Great. Some other electronic device that isn't working for me.

But, got to meet Raggy when I was over visiting. K and Yog are watching Raggy for a week or so while her owners are on holiday. Quite a cute dog. :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 338 of 365: No Words

Even though I have been ill, I still managed to buck up and head to Newport today with Kathryn to see Paul McCartney. :)

His show was AMAZING!!! Probably the best one I've seen of Paulie. The first two times were great, don't get me wrong, but this show was a bit more energetic.

It was great being in the same room as Sir Paul:

I love him. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 337 of 365: TV, Films, and My Boys

No work for me today since I have to have antibiotics in me for 48 hours before I can be around the residents.

And I'm

Woke up when Ian did, even though he suggested I take my meds upstairs so I can just get up, and then go back to bed. And the poor guy didn't have much sleep last night because I was snoring really bad due to having to sleep on my back (on the side hurt my throat).

So I'm catching up on Grey's from last night, possibly going to watch a movie or two, need to take a nap, and spend time with my boys (which, we already had a photo shoot this morning):

Spike the hunter.....or lover. One of the two...

Momma's boy, Angel

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 336 of 365: Bad Medicine? Noooo....

Woke up this morning feeling like two semis ran over me.

I went home from work early yesterday because I had extreme back spasms to where I couldn't even walk and had to lay down until it passed.

By the end of the evening last night I was sore all over, and crawled into bed here I proceeded to sweat buckets.

This morning? Extremely sore throat. So I phoned into work and said I wouldn't make it, then phoned the surgery for an urgent appointment.

Saw a nurse there, and she determined tonsillitis. I'm on antibiotics and need to take paracetamol to help with pain and fever. So no work until Monday, but hopefully I will be o.k. to go to Paul McCartney on Saturday....

And at least I have an excuse to eat popsicles and ice cream. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 335 of 365: The Evening's Events

Ian and I watched New Moon last night. I thought it was much better than Twilight, and now I'm kinda looking forward to seeing Eclipse eventually. I think that these films and the books are more for the female gender.....yes, there is action, but really, it's a love story. And I think I'm Team Edward, because there's just something about him.....

Also, my older brother's ex had her baby in the wee hours of the morning. My new nephew - Caden Michael:

7lbs 10 oz. Three weeks early, but healthy. Hopefully we will get to meet him one day.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 334 of 365: Happy Father's Day

Wishing my Dad a very Happy Father's Day. Miss you, Dad!!!

Also wishing all the father's I know a great day as well. :) Alan, it's your first Father's Day! How does it feel??? :)

And my Hubba Bubba, for being a great father to "the boys" despite the fact that they drive him up the wall. :p

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 333 of 365: Twilight

Ian and I gave into the hype tonight and watched Twilight for the first time.

It was a lot slower than I thought it would be, but I enjoyed it. I'm not uber gaga over it like some people (a co-worker of mine has seen the film at LEAST 12 times). But I think I would like to see New Moon because the ending of Twilight obviously leaves it open for the squeal.

And Edward Cullen was kinda hot. :p

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 332 of 365: Another Saturday Night

It's Saturday...woo hoo!

Slept in until about 10am, fed the cats, and read a little bit more of my book...which Spike sat with me while I read:

Watched Trooping the Colour:

Ian and Yog helped our friend Jen move some furniture, so I took a LONNNNGG shower.

Caught up on Grey's.

And then I caught Spike watching my screen saver and at one point attacked my laptop:

Ian and I also met up with Lucy, Chris, and their friends Vik, Mark, and Sadie in Salisbury for Lucy's 30th birthday dinner. It was a lovely evening, and the food I ate was nice. Pricey, but nice. Thank you, Lucy, for inviting Ian and I! :)

Unfortunately, no photo from the night though, even though I meant to get a group shot for the blog. Oh well, next time (that's right, Luce, we need a group shot next time we see you! lol)

Overall, a nice day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 331 of 365: Thank God It's Friday Night

Work seemed to drag on FOOOORRREEVVVEERRRR this week....and I only worked 4 days!

Was hectic, had visitors, and I worked at home until about 9pm Wednesday night making posters from our visit to the Watercress Line because we had VIPs from the council come to visit the home today (but my boss had a feeling they would arrive on Thursday). So we battled with visitors, and the power kept going out today due to workmen being in the building. But had a lovely morning chatting with the ladies and playing "Famous Faces."

Now, just taking a short break from the AMAZING book that I've been reading, thanks to one of the resident's daughters:

It's about a woman named Alice who is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. She's only 50 yrs. old when she was diagnosed. And the story is about her experiences, and how she progresses month to month. Some moments were quite shocking. Some beautiful. Some heartbreaking. But I read the majority of it evening, and about to read more once I finish this blog entry.

Oh, and I also took a break to take this photo:

Spike likes sleeping on his back for some odd reason. He's adorable. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 330 of 365: London Calling (Once Again)

Went up to London today to see Jamie and Alan, and also to meet Jamie's Mom Pam, and the lovely little Reagan.

Had a LOVELY day. Ian gave us a 6 hour walking tour (which, my knees are hurting quite badly now, was WELL worth it). The weather held out until it was time for us to depart and go our separate ways. But was really nice to meet Pam, as well as have snuggle time with Reagan.

And I think, and maybe this is just my opinion, but I think Ian would be a wonderful father. A little bit of practice with Reagan? lol

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 329 of 365: They're Here!

I didn't catch him toileting....he used the box as a hideout when he first got home.

We picked the boys up today. Took an hour to get them ready and fill out the paperwork. But they're home now.

They're just starting to explore the upstairs part of the house (they used to live in a flat before) and as I type Spike is laying next to me, purring his little heart away.

Oh yes, and if you look at the photo and wonder why Spike doesn't have long hair anymore, it's because his mats were so bad in his fur that he had to be shaved. The parts where you can see skin is where the mat was right up against him. So now we can start with a fresh coat and groom him properly.

Definitely looking forward to having these boys in our lives now, and it makes me happy to have them here.

They may be timid for a few days now and then, but I hope before we know it THEY'LL be the ones ruling our house.

Saturday, June 5, 2010