Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 339 of 365: On Our Way Back Home

Kathryn and I made our way home from Newport today.

Don't think we'll go back there again.

Our B&B was nice, and the people that work there were even nicer, but we barely got ANY sleep because there were Newport natives screaming, yelling, and playing loud music outside until about 5am today. So K got a few winks on the train, while I couldn't. Was listening to my iPod when the battery died, texted Ian when my cell phone battery died. So I sat and watched the English countryside go by.

When I got in, I was incredibly excited to load my photos onto my laptop and post them on Facebook from the show last night, and my computer wouldn't start. ARG!

Phoned my BIL, Yog, after the football (England lost to Germany 4-1) and asked his advice. He said to just bring it over to have him look at it. Great. Some other electronic device that isn't working for me.

But, got to meet Raggy when I was over visiting. K and Yog are watching Raggy for a week or so while her owners are on holiday. Quite a cute dog. :)

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