Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 329 of 365: They're Here!

I didn't catch him toileting....he used the box as a hideout when he first got home.

We picked the boys up today. Took an hour to get them ready and fill out the paperwork. But they're home now.

They're just starting to explore the upstairs part of the house (they used to live in a flat before) and as I type Spike is laying next to me, purring his little heart away.

Oh yes, and if you look at the photo and wonder why Spike doesn't have long hair anymore, it's because his mats were so bad in his fur that he had to be shaved. The parts where you can see skin is where the mat was right up against him. So now we can start with a fresh coat and groom him properly.

Definitely looking forward to having these boys in our lives now, and it makes me happy to have them here.

They may be timid for a few days now and then, but I hope before we know it THEY'LL be the ones ruling our house.

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