Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 332 of 365: Another Saturday Night

It's Saturday...woo hoo!

Slept in until about 10am, fed the cats, and read a little bit more of my book...which Spike sat with me while I read:

Watched Trooping the Colour:

Ian and Yog helped our friend Jen move some furniture, so I took a LONNNNGG shower.

Caught up on Grey's.

And then I caught Spike watching my screen saver and at one point attacked my laptop:

Ian and I also met up with Lucy, Chris, and their friends Vik, Mark, and Sadie in Salisbury for Lucy's 30th birthday dinner. It was a lovely evening, and the food I ate was nice. Pricey, but nice. Thank you, Lucy, for inviting Ian and I! :)

Unfortunately, no photo from the night though, even though I meant to get a group shot for the blog. Oh well, next time (that's right, Luce, we need a group shot next time we see you! lol)

Overall, a nice day.

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