Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 331 of 365: Thank God It's Friday Night

Work seemed to drag on FOOOORRREEVVVEERRRR this week....and I only worked 4 days!

Was hectic, had visitors, and I worked at home until about 9pm Wednesday night making posters from our visit to the Watercress Line because we had VIPs from the council come to visit the home today (but my boss had a feeling they would arrive on Thursday). So we battled with visitors, and the power kept going out today due to workmen being in the building. But had a lovely morning chatting with the ladies and playing "Famous Faces."

Now, just taking a short break from the AMAZING book that I've been reading, thanks to one of the resident's daughters:

It's about a woman named Alice who is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. She's only 50 yrs. old when she was diagnosed. And the story is about her experiences, and how she progresses month to month. Some moments were quite shocking. Some beautiful. Some heartbreaking. But I read the majority of it evening, and about to read more once I finish this blog entry.

Oh, and I also took a break to take this photo:

Spike likes sleeping on his back for some odd reason. He's adorable. :)

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