Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 37 of 365: Good Day Sunshine

This was the view from the back window of my house. Gorgeous sunrise.

Today was all right. Work was work. Nothing too thrilling. Tried to have a bridge tournament with the residents....and the trouble with Alzheimer's and dementia residents, they forget lots of things. Sooooo....with my group of ladies I taught them how to play Go Fish while Anthony taught his group a form of poker. In the end it was fun.

Caught up with Ian tonight too. God, I miss him so badly. Tonight was the kind of night where he was tired, but he was in a playful mood, and I SO wish I could've been there with him, laying in bed snuggling and watching telly. Not long now and I'll be able to, I know.

Looking forward to tomorrow though because the temp is supposed to warm up A LOT, I'm going to go out and pick up the stuff for my center pieces, and then going over to see the nieces and take them some of my stuff that I don't want to keep and I think they'll like.

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