Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 51 of 365: You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)

Today was just another day. Same old, same old.

My best friend Jessie came by this evening though and we chit chatted for hours. Stephanie wasn't feeling well so she'll be by tomorrow night.

Spoke with Ian for about an hour and a half. Was nice, as always. Tomorrow we're going to have a "deep" conversation about some of the concerns/fears he's feeling about me moving and whatnot. Tonight wasn't a good night since he was exhausted.

And I practiced my new signature this evening when Jess was around. I felt like a teenager again. It's not a good signature yet, but I figure if I practice I'll have it down by the time I get to England.


  1. You're much braver than I was. I refused to write my new last name until after Matt & I were married. Silly superstitions.

  2. It's a superstition? I only did it because I had no clue how to even WRITE "Cox" in

    Have I now doomed my marriage?! :p

  3. It's JUST a superstition, hehe.

    I'm pretty good at 'Bennett' now, but the first go I had was pretty messy. :-P