Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 31 of 365: Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It.

Above is a photo of the only reasons why I can make it through a weekend at work. Tony and Anthony. My co-workers that I adore, they make me laugh, and help the time pass. Today Anthony and I were discussing how toys were when he and I were growing up. Tony got to learn a few things (since he's 11-12 yrs. younger than Anthony and I). And we discussed prom memories. Was a good day's worth of discussions.

And here are some Valentine's Day photos my residents colored this afternoon. Don't mind the weird black blotches on the papers....the copy machine was wackadoo today. Not bad for people in their 80s that have Alzheimer's/dementia?! I call the photo "Old Art." :p

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