Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 41 of 365: I Look At the Sun and I Look in the Mirror....

Look at the date just ONE MORE TIME.

O.k., got it?

Yes, it's February 10th.

The temperature right now is 59 degrees F. And for you lovely people that follow celcsius, that's 15 degrees C.

Look at what is barely hanging around here now:

And look at what I could wear since it's so warm here today:

And LOOK at what I'm not wearing outside!!!!

My face looks really skinny here too. Guess it really does show that I've lost weight!

I wish the weather would stay like this. Unfortunately, it's going to dip back down to normal February temps this weekend. Oh well......atleast I kind of enjoyed it while it lasted.
Anywho...so I walked to the store today to not only get in some exercise, but get used to not having a car to get around once I'm in England. Then when I got back I cleaned the kitchen. Nobody's touched it all winter, and it's disgusting. I also did some other cleaning...the whole house needs it and unfortunately, I'm cursed with a lazy brother as a house mate.

But atleast Lily Allen's new album came out today. LOVE IT btw. Everyone should listen to it. I pre-ordered it on iTunes a few weeks ago, which was a first for me. Downloaded it this morning while having my coffee. I love it...can't stop listening to it.

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