Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 54 of 365: Just Another Day!!

Today was the same old, same old yet again.

Went to work. Worked. Etc.

But after work I went to the ritzy mall, and walked around looking in a bunch of stores for a possible bachelorette party outfit. Everything is UBER expensive there. But, I went into Nordstroms for the first time ever. Wish they had the cute stuff in my size at H&M though. *humph* Oh well.....maybe in Europe they'll have more of my size?

After the ritzy mall, I drove to the next city over and went to the ghetto mall. Nothing I liked there either. Think I might start looking online for something. I kinda want something sparkly for my bachelorette party top.


But now I'm too tired to think. Going to TRY and get some sleep tonight. Didn't sleep well last night (although, had a lovely evening chatting with Beth! :) ).

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