Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 49 of 365: Lazy Days Calling To You

Didn't do much today except work, go to McDonald's (which I haven't had in MONTHS), then came home and cleaned the bathroom after writing another novel of an email to Ian.

He told me I need to slow down and not do as much as I've been doing, as I've been feeling slightly crazy lately. He said "We can do your packing together when I get there!" But I don't want to do it all when he's here. I want us to relax, have fun, stay in bed all day...that kind of stuff. And the fact that he has NO sentimental value to my things and thinks the only things I need are "the school girl uniform, the naughty nurse's outfit, the sexy cop...." get the picture. lol

*sighs* And I'm starting to get impatient here. This time in 5 weeks Ian and I will be laying in bed together. Five weeks seems like forever...but we've been apart for 18 weeks so 5 should seem like nothing. Goodness, let it fly, but PLEASE let me get everything I need to done.


  1. Try 12 whole MONTHS apart...5 weeks is a breeze, compared. Glad you get to see your sweetie soon!!

  2. I don't know how you did it, Meg...12 months is a LONG time.