Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 50 of 365: Everyone Knows It's Windy

Today was a typical day, really.

Woke up, and there was snow. Went to work. Worked. My back, legs, and myself were exhausted by the end of the day.

Buuuttt....I went to Pat Catan's after work to pick up the candle holders for the centerpieces. Yay! Although, half my order was messed up, so I had to go out on the floor and get the stuff off the shelf. Oh all worked out. And I was probably only about a quarter of a mile away from Lake Erie at this point, so the snow was REALLY blowing.

Caught up with my friend Sonya tonight for awhile on the phone. I feel terrible...she's going through a lot of person stuff in her life right now, and we've both been SOOOOO busy. But, was nice to catch up this evening, and we're planning on getting together for St. Patrick's Day and going to the parade downtown (I've never been, always wanted to go...yay!).

Tomorrow I'm making Mardi Gras masks with the residents, and then Stephanie is coming over in the evening with a bottle of wine to hang out and watch me pack. SO glad tomorrow is Friday.

Oh yes, and link for you, Beth, for the Beatles Red Nose Day t-shirt! :)


  1. Thanks, Patty! :) And, just an aside, isn't it "Wendy" because it's the girl's name? I realize you might just be making the pun, though... So are you ordering a shirt? I will if you will!!!

  2. lol...I'm thinking about it. :) Going to ask Ian if it's cool if I just have it sent to his place though. I will let you know! And no, it's seriously "Windy", not "Wendy" lol

  3. Looks like they won't deliver outside the UK so you will have to have it delivered at Ian's house.

  4. Does that mean you can't order one??? Or could you order one and have it shipped to your friend's place?