Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 28 of 365: Then I Will Say 'I Do'....

I'm cheating yet AGAIN I didn't take these photos, BUT I DID edit them a little bit on Picnik, so does that count? And besides, the only thing eventful that happened today was 8" of snow fell, and I'm tired of posting pictures of the snow.

Sooo....since Ian ordered our rings yesterday (he's going to pick them up within the week as well!), I figured I'd post them here since, well, I'm rather fond of them already...


  1. Those are almost exactly what ours look like! You'll have to be careful because the brushed finish part in the middle gets scratched quite easily.

  2. Hmmm......and we both work with our hands a lot. Thanks for the heads up, Meg! :)