Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 2 of 365: I'll Be Missin' You

If you have any sort of taste, and you're from America, then you KNOW this bag.

I did a bunch of running around this evening after work (which, btw....almost made me lose my top. Work, not the errands.) and decided since I haven't done proper grocery shopping in awhile, and I hadn't had a burrito in a while either, I'd swing by Chipotle.

And I've come to realise, that I am going to flippin' MISS Chipotle. There may or may not be an equivalent in England, and maybe my tastes will change from yummy Mexican food to a cocanut curry and Indian food.....but really, I will miss Chipotle. lol

Never in my life have I had a burrito as delicious as Chipotle's. And the place holds a special spot in my heart too. When Ian came to visit back in May, we went to Chipotle so he could have his first burrito ever. I took photos of him eating (because I'm weird like that), and I had some chilli water on my finger from my burrito. Well, I thought I had gotten it all off my finger, and I rubbed my eye. Needless to say, my eye burned and watered for about a half hour. Ian likes to tell the story that I stuck the WHOLE burrito in my eye, but that's not the truth.

So, from now until I move I'm going to try and have Chipotle once a month..maybe even more. Gotta get it all in, ya know. :)

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  1. Oi. I totally feel you on this one!! The thought of not having Chipotle available makes me want to go eat some right now!