Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 13 of 365: All You Need Is (g)Love(s)

Another day, another dime...and another batch of snow!

It came down HARD all day today. A few points it was a complete white out.

I managed to get over to World Market after work though to look for some British candy for our wedding favors. We're doing the whole American/England theme with red, white, and blue...and our favors are going to be a mix of American candy and English candy. I found one kind of candy Ian suggested, but lookie what I got as well!

Oohhhh brown sauce, how I love and missed you so! Was going to make some eggs and have some tonight, but a craving for something sweet hit me instead. Although, when I found the brown sauce, I also saw fruity I might have to get that next time. WOOT!


  1. Ah Brown it! We're out at the mo, so I expect we will have to make a special trip before our next round of bacon sandwiches.

  2. Ugh!! I can not stand brown sauce! lol

  3. lol....I had some tonight with cheesy potato pancakes...yum!

  4. I've seen both versions of HP sauce at the store. Not sure what to use it with, though, esp the fruity version. Is it even veggie?