Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 9 of 365: Little Things

No no no, this isn't some weird photo of my engagement ring (although, I am rather fond of it..tee hee). This is something bigger...well, smaller, actually.

The weird, pastel pattern knot inbetween my shirt and pants is a silky scarf. I, unfortunately, am allergic to nickel, which can be found in most belt buckles. So, I can't wear belts. Hence the scarf.

Well, today I finally really realised that I'm losing weight. How much, you may ask? I'm one pound shy of having lost a whole stone (that's 14 pounds for you folks that don't know what a stone is, although, I think all of my blog readers And that's only been since the middle of November. I'm not trying, really....just had choice but to change my diet due to my high blood pressure and cholesterol. Plus my Dr. put me on water pills since I'm on OTHER pills that automaticly make me retain water. So, I'm doing pretty well.

But those pants, I can pull completely off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. Woot!

And unfortunately, when you're losing weight AND trying to save money all at the same time, it becomes tough when wanting to buy new clothes. So I'm holding off a bit.

I figure, if things keep going the way they are, I'll lose 1-2 pounds a week. Not shabby.

Just thought I'd share this moment, because it's actually a big one for me. I haven't been the weight I am now in YEARS. *pats self on back*

Oh, and I'm a few days shy of marking my 2 months of no smoking AND yesterday was my 2 year anniversary at work. Can't believe I've been there that long....seems like longer. :p