Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 26 of 365: So, fee-fi-fo-fum. Look out baby, 'cause here I come.

There it is, ladies and gentlemen! My first box packed up for my move to England. Mind you, I could put a few more things in there (gotta get the most for my money, ya know), but atleast I've got one packed up.

Annnndd...it's the most important of all the boxes: it contains my CDs. ESPECIALLY my Beatles CDs, DVDs, and VHS (yes, I still have a few VHS. HELLO! I can't find a good quality copy of Magical Mystery Tour on DVD, so I've kept the VHS all these years). Plus, it contains my bootleg copy of Let It Be...and my VHS copy of How I Won the War (the film John made in 1967). My solo CDs, Julian and Sean Lennon CDs, rare stuff, the works. My whole personality/life is in that box.

Before I began listening to The Beatles, I was this shy, dorky kid. Once I discovered them and the magic of John Lennon, I came alive. There is NO WAY I will leave any of this behind. Even my delux version of Help! that Ian bought me last year is going with me (and I can only watch them on my laptop for awhile over there).

So, slowly but surely the packing will get done. I did decide on getting rid of a bunch of my CDs *pats self on back*, only keeping the ones more important to me.

I'm sure over the next few weeks you'll see more photos of boxes and whatnot. But this is a step towards my future.

Oh, and one of these nights I'm going to smuggle Ashes into a box and just ship him over. He'll survive, won't he?


  1. What part of the UK are you moving to? My husband is from Liverpool so you can imagine (no pun intended...) the first time I came over back in 2000 we did the whole Liverpool/Beatles thing. There are still a few places I want to go see and now we are living outside Bolton/Manchester so it is only about a 30 minute drive. Will have to plan a little trip sometime. :)

  2. Oh by the way.. I have this really cool book called "Hard Days Write" do you have it? I bought it years ago.. it goes thru every Beatles song and talks about who wrote it and what it is about, etc.. It is great!!

  3. You've already made more progress than I did before my move! I was an 11th hour mover...eek!

  4. I'll be moving to the Southampton/Portsmouth area, Christine. Have YET to get to Liverpool, but Ian's got family in Manchester so we were eventually going to go up there. Maybe we can meet up then? :)

    And Meg, I'm paranoid about not having my stuff packed..it's insane! Every time I look at something of mine now I think "Do I pack it or can I live without it?" lol

  5. I highly recommend filling the rest of that box with bubble wrap. I had quite a bit of plastic shatter when I moved - I think it froze and got brittle.