Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 27 of 365: Takin' Care of Business

What a day, what a day. I must say though, I got a lot accomplished.

So, woke up, put together a bunch of wedding invites to mail out. Finished getting together Ian's Valentine's Day package. Got my socks together (FINALLY) for the UKY sock exchange. Called the courthouse and confirmed the wedding date. Then I ate real fast, went to the post office, then went to Pat Catan's and looked at center piece options. (Btw...what do you think of this candle holder? I rather like it!)

Then I went to Vitorrio's to finalize the dinner menu, go over the budget, set up of the room, etc. It was awesome. And I took a picture of the room, but Lisa (one of the owners and woman I've been working with on this) didn't turn the lights on. Oh well.

So yeah...not much left now in regards to planning for the wedding stuff. Just gotta get center pieces and favors together over the next month or so. Oh yeah, and figure out seating arrangements and probably make place cards for our guests then.

Oh, and Ian ordered our rings today. YAY!

I feel bad though because whenever I talk to Ian it's all "wedding this, wedding that." Atleast today he FINALLY got to fill me in on what's been happening at work. Once everything is planned out though and whatnot conversations will go back to normal.

And I bubble wraped and packed all of my Christmas ornaments (FINALLY) that I want to take with me tonight. So now that's TWO boxes packed.

Now it's time for bed because I'm absolutely knackered.

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