Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 22 of 365: As Soon as You're Born They Make You Feel Small

So....after a week or so of weight gain then loss, I've officially hit the 15 lb loss mark. Woot!

I had no choice but to go to Target tonight and buy atleast one new pair of pants. The ones I've been wearing are WAY too big. Especially the size 18's. I fit into a 14 tonight and bought them. YAY! Now I'm REALLY worried about having to take my dress in too much...because I'm sure I'll keep losing weight.

We shall see!

Oh...and I FINALLY bought my socks for the UKY socks exchange. Will be sending them out on Saturday (so incase the person I'm supposed to send them to asks you about them, Meg. Which, btw...Happy Birthday! :) ).


  1. Woo! Great job on the weight loss. I am jealous!

  2. By giving you no time instead of it all.

    (oh and congrats!!!)

    I think I'm going to dig out my JL records this weekend!

  3. Thanks, Carey!

    And oh,'s so nice to have someone else that appreciates JL as much as I do. :)