Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24 of 365: Stay in Bed...Float Up Stream

Whelp.....see that above? That's where I've spent the entire day today.

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely AWFUL. I hate colds. And I'm a HUGE baby when I'm sick.

All I've done today is lay around, watch Sex and the City, and browse the same 5 websites over and over I exchanged a few emails with Ian (who said "Be a big girl and get some sleep today....we'll catch up tomorrow"), ate some soup and a few oranges, took a load of those pills I bought yesterday, and went through a whole box of Kleenex. Yipes!

About an hour ago I finally decided it was time to take a shower, which helped a little.

So I've snuggled with Beefeater Bear, whom I got from Ian's friend Jen for my birthday this past year:

And now I've got the humidifyer going:

I think I MAY get up though and get something to eat, because I've finally REALLY got an appetite.

OH! And I think Ian and I can breathe a bit easier.....we've been concerned about money issues and whatnot for the wedding dinner, and the visa, etc. Well, my Dad stopped home to visit for a few hours, and I spoke with him....soo....what was uncertain before is now certain. So we have less to worry about *phew*

Alright, going to go grab a bite and finish up Season 6 of SATC. I LOVE those women. Either my DVDs are coming with me (since I own the whole season) or I'm going to have to get new ones when I get to England. Maybe I'll look around on Amazon this evening if I can get the season for a decent price.


  1. Seems we're in the same boat...feel better soon! xx

  2. You too, hon! ARE you feeling any better yet?