Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 131 of 365: The Taxman...

Had to venture down to Romsey today to renew the car tax. It's up tomorrow, so being the lovely wife that I am, I went and got it done since, well, Ian is actually starting to say that the car is mine, not his. Probably because he doubts its We opted for the 6 month option (even though it's more expensive) because if I can get a job soon, when December rolls around we may just trade the car in to get something more reliable. Buuuttt....Emmy (which I named the car) may just prove us wrong.

Then I met Kathryn and a friend of hers for a quick drink (water for me, please!). It was REALLY warm today in Romsey. Like, Ohio warm...but thank goodness it's less humid here than in the States.

Ian also got me an early birthday present today. He came home with a TomTom, so now I can drive where I please. Obviously I'm not going to hop on the motorway right away, but when I do want to go outside of Romsey, I will be more confident because now I know how to get Plus, Ian sees it as a way to get out of the weekly grocery shopping at ASDA because he put the addresses to the two that we go to in the TomTom. Oh how I LOVE my husband. :)

Also, a preview of what is to come this weekend arrived in the post today:

I can't flippin' WAIT for the weekend!!


  1. No, Ian ordered them....they have a special saying on the front. The photo is just of the backs. *giggles*