Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 105 of 365: It's A Family Affair

Iiiittt'ssss Hump Day!

I don't care if you work or don't work, Hump Day is always a good day, because the weekend isn't far away.

Today was a bit of a crap day, actually. Tried to get ahold of the nursing home again and the guy I need to talk to was out AGAIN. Left my mobile number and asked if he could phone me back, but nothing. Bah.

Had a nice conversation with Jamie.

Had a much needed cry/talk with Ian when he got in from work.

Then Ian and I went out with his sister, K, and her husband Yog for his birthday. Was a nice evening out. Went to a pub called The Mayfly which is right on the Test River. Beautiful area. And would be absolutely GORGEOUS on a summer's day. Unfortunately, before we went out the temperature started to drop.

The Test River

L to R: Ian, K, and Yog

Will have to go back there one day.

Now, plans for tomorrow? Spending the day with my other sister-in-law, Cheryl. She MAY be bringing my nephew with her, but we shall see.....

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