Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 120 of 365: Love You Whenever We're Together

Went to the Isle of Wight with Ian again today because he was working over there today.

Thankfully the weather was GORGEOUS this time. AND we got to ride the Ikea ferry over in the morning. Sweet.

I enjoy going to work with Ian because it gets me out of the house, I get to see what he does, AND I get to flirt with him whenever he walks by if I'm sitting in the pub.

Today I tried to do one of those role playing conversations. "Come here often?" You know, that jazz. I don't think Ian picked up on it Oh well.

And the landlord there asked if I was on holiday, even though Ian TOLD her I'm his wife. I wonder if the "When are you going back to the US?" or "How long are you here on holiday?" questions will end?


  1. I have a feeling those comments/questions will never ever end. Not unless we eventually start sounding a bit more like everybody around us.

    I just hate when I have to repeat to at least one person a day that:
    a) I love living in England
    b) No I am not crazy
    c) Yes it really is better
    d) I love the weather

    If I can get thru a day without having to say the above it makes me a happy girl. But those days only normally come because I have stayed inside all day! lol

  2. I hear ya, Christine! Goodness.

    Atleast we've got each other to not ask those