Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 114 of 365: Cleaning Out My Closet

Today was a day spent cleaning. I had made a list of things that my MIL and I were to do today. And while she was in town doing her errands, I cleaned the kitchen.

So afterward I relaxed a bit, had some lunch, watched Scrubs (of course) and then about a half hour after my MIL got in, we tackled the closet underneath the stairs. It was a JOB because it's just stuff from YEARS ago. My MIL has early stage Alzheimer's so her shopping habits are TERRIBLE thanks to her poor memory.

Anywho, here's proof of the job:



There's a floor! Ian was very Those orange bins were full of junk, and now we don't have enough stuff to put in them yet, but keeping them so we can have some extra storage space.

Nowwww...going to relax while Ian makes tea (pizza tonight...woot!), then we're going to watch a film and if it ends in time, watch a little Big Brother.

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