Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 117 of 365: She Came In Through the (Dinning Room) Window

Fudge and I in the house.

Yes, the photo was sort of She came in through the window again today (I taught her that last week...tee hee), and hung out for about a half hour while I was chopping up salad stuff for tea tonight.

I also drove to and from town today, which I was SO happy when I got to the roundabouts no one was coming from the So I could just go.

After doing all the chopping, for some odd reason I was tired, so I took a two hour nap.

I seriously think something may be wrong with me. I've been really tired again lately, and, unfortunately, been crying at the drop of a dime (or 10p if you want to get technical).

Worked out in the garage with Ian for a bit. It was so hot and dusty in there that my asthma kicked off in about 10 minutes, so I had to stop. Will see how we fair tomorrow. I think the plan is to go for a walk first THEN go on the machines.


  1. Aww whats the matter? Do you think there is something physically wrong? Or homesickness?

  2. Uuuummmm...... Have you taken a pregnancy test? ;)

  3. HA! I know I'm not pregnant,

    And yeah, it's homesickness, the fact that I don't do anything since I don't have a job yet.

    Thanks though, ladies. :)