Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 129 of 365: Everybody's Working For (On) the Weekend..

It's the weekend! Which means, I get to spend more time with the hubby.

But alas....a simple trip to ASDA was interrupted by Ian being on call for work.

Where Ian works, engineers are on call during the weekend once ever 9 weeks. Not bad, considering they get more weekends free AND they don't have to go out and actually DO repairs, they just phone in to a contractor company. But the answers phone has to be checked once every hour. And, when Ian is on call he's on call for the ENTIRE area (basically the London area, the surrounding area, and all of southern England).

Ian had about 20 calls today, spent on average about 7 minutes on hold with the contract company, and after he dealt with the calls, he had to check the phones again.

Oh well...atleast after this it's another 9 weeks before he's on weekend call again.

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