Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 110 of 365: Please Please Mr. Postman..

Went and posted my CV to 11 different nursing homes in the area. Ian and I figure, even if they're not hiring, they'll at least have it on file JUST incase something comes up.

Sort of got word from the nursing home I've been waiting to hear from. My CRB check came up clean (which I knew it would) so the owner said we can move things forward early this week. So I may JUST have a job with them, but I'm not holding my breath. Just gotta wait and see.

The weather today is gloomy. I spent the morning watching Big Brother from last night, getting my CV and cover letters together, etc. Now I'm just waiting for Ian to come home and MAYBE, if we're lucky, we'll get to go and pick up the car....which means I'll get to drive!

And now back to watching TV and being bored yet again. Bah.

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