Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 351 of 365: Good Times

Yes, you're seeing right! That there in the middle of the lovely picture above on the bottom is Meg and Ryan!

Jamie, Reagan, Ian and I made our way down today to visit the two lovelies. Unfortunately, Alan and Matt both had to work, so we were unable to have two of the 3 husbands together. But next time we will all DEFINITELY be together.

Was lovely meeting Meg and seeing the infamous Ryan and Myst in the flesh!

And Ryan and Reagan hit it off. We'll all be at their wedding in 18 or so years. :p

We had lunch at Subway today, where we chit chatted, laughed, talked babies, and had to avoid eye contact with a very creepy, smelly, insane tramp (a.k.a. a bum in American).

But it was a good time...and thankfully the rain held out until our drive home.

So now we are back home, after eating at a really nice Chinese buffet in Swindon.

Tomorrow? Who knows. We've got shopping to do, and hopefully some Beatles RockBand to play since the guitar dongle came in the post while we were gone. :)

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