Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 345 of 365: Two Cool Cats

It's Sunday....that means back to work tomorrow. Bah!

Woke up and Spike and Angel came into the bedroom. Spike was all over the place, but Angel kept his distance a bit.

But when we came downstairs, Angel decided to have his proper hellow.

I had to venture into Romsey this afternoon and get some cat food and litter, and since the little critters poo and everything stinks up the house like crazy, I purchased a new little box with a flap and a filter on top.

It's a bit bigger than the old one, annnnndddddd it's a corner one (hence the flap) so it takes up less space.

We didn't think that the boys would like it or even use it....but Spike proved us wrong:

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