Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 342 of 365: Happy 4th of July (From England Again)

Isn't it strange how life works out sometimes?

My forefathers fought for freedom from the British, and America was born.

Fast forward about 204 years and I was born.

Then jump ahead 27 yrs. and where do I move to? England.

Now enjoy some Stars and Stripes Forever!


  1. My British fiance has spent 2 Fourth of Julys with me watching fireworks on the National Mall in DC. This year I found myself in DC with some friends at a British-style pub on the Fourth. Too weird! But fun :-D

  2. That IS weird! But nice though. :)

    We DO have fireworks in England, but it's not until November with Guy Fawkes. Not been to a display here yet, but planning on going this coming November. :)