Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 347 of 365: Summer Sun Something's Begun

Woke with a nasty hangover this morning (surprise surprise!!). But we had a nice day ahead of us. Ian and I were going to go with Jan, Abel, Roger, and Veerle to Portsmouth. Ian wanted to show the boys around at different military boats and things since Portsmouth played a huge part in WWII.

Everyone came back to ours for a bit (which included Mel and Rob). We chit chatted, had a cup of tea, etc. until Mel and Rob had to hit the road and head home. After Veerle woke from her nap we headed down to Portsmouth to see the sites.

While the lads checked out war ships, Jan and I walked around with Veerle. We tried to find a solution to my Rock Band mess up. When we put the game together this morning, Abel realised that we had a part missing. The drums and the guitar have these wireless dongles, and we were supposed to have one for each. Instead we got two drum ones.

So Jan, V, and I went to HMV and didn't get a final result, but had some questions answered.

After HMV and looking around for postcards, we walked some more through the city. Veerle loved the boats.

We had ice cream (or ijs as I learned in Dutch). Jan and I shared ours with V.

Then after the lads were finished with the ships, Jan, Roger and I went up in the Spinniker Tower to look around.

Then after we had tea at the pub, we got home and played games, chit chatted, showered, etc.

The guys played Ian's F1 game for awhile, which was quite difficult.

But, now I'm completely knackered, but also not looking forward to tomorrow. I dislike when ANY of my friends have to part from us.

So we shall all go to bed now and hopefully since we barely got any sleep last night, we will all sleep well tonight!

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