Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 344 of 365: Sizzling Saturday

The morning started earlier than normal for our Saturdays.

Need to back track a bit though...

Here in England, people have different types of showers. Some have shower "rooms" built into their bathroom, some have electric showers, and some have a shower head attached to the bath taps (which rental agencies call this "shower over the bath"). We have an electric shower. Well, this past Tuesday I was getting in the shower, turned it on, and water was coming out of the bottom of the box (which holds all of the electrics). Me, never having an electric shower before, decided to put my hand under the water pouring out, proceeding to be electrically shocked.

So I shut the shower off after thinking "What the hell???" and took a bath.

Told the landlord. He said he would get someone out to fix it. Nothing for a few days. Ian left a note for our landlord (who is also the butcher) saying I was shocked and could someone please come and fix it. Our landlord's plumber came out and said it was completely knackered, so he would be here Saturday morning at 9am to fit a new one.

He was 45 minutes late this morning, but we got our new shower, which is AMAZING!!!

Our old shower just piddled on us, and now this one actually WASHES us!

And I wanted to take a picture of the plumber because he had this awesome, old school mustache, but of course it would be rude of me. So Ian demonstrated the 'stache using Spike's tail:

After our showers, we headed out to Andover to spend the day shopping with Chris and Lucy. I needed an outfit for our family & friend wedding party next weekend. Lucy had a dress that a friend gave her that is too short for her, so she gave it to me! I kept looking for another outfit, but nothing struck me except for one dress at Debenhams but it was too big and didn't have to next size down. Oh well......

So I got giant "Bridget Jones pants" to wear under the dress that Luce gave me, and that's what I'm going to wear. Now I just need some shoes. :)

After shopping, we went back to Chris and Lucy's and had a BBQ. Vik came over with some kebabs and ribs. Ian had GOOD steak for the first time, and it was just a lovely evening meal. Lucy and I watched Big Brother while the boys talked about war, army, etc. A lovely evening with lovely friends. Good times. :)

ANNNNNNNDDDD I must say that I have the BEST husband in the world, because while Lucy and I were doing our girlie thing, I got a text from Ian saying not to spend TOO much and he would show me when we met up again. He bought us The Beatles RockBand for the Wii!!!! was on an incredible sale!!

My flabber was gasted!!

And of course, Spike had to check it out when we brought it in the house:

So all in all, this Saturday was a lovely day.

Tomorrow it's shopping, laundry, and cleaning for me while my loverly husband watches the British Grand Prix.

And, we only have a 4 day work week this week, then we're off for a little over a week! WOO HOO!!!!

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