Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 353 of 365: We Are Officially... adult, married couple.

Why, you ask? Why didn't it happen before? Well, because we never had a fridge freezer unit!

At our wedding party we received gracious gifts of money in some of our cards, and although we were hoping to have enough for a honeymoon, unfortunately we fell a bit we went for Option No. 2 which was a fridge freezer (and had wanted since we moved into our place).

Up until today we had separate units. And we were always fighting for space in our old fridge. Plus our freezer was starting to get warmer than our oven on the outside.

But today Ian noticed that there was a deal going on at Comet, so we went and picked one up. The rest of the money we got we have put in the savings for when we can afford a honeymoon.

Oh, and please don't laugh at the little bear magnet on the fridge.....I've had it since I was in kindergarten. Thanks. :)

Also, we went into Pets at Home to see if they had a litter mat that had been out of stock for months, and it was.....then Ian spotted this and wanted it for the boys:

Ian has learned that it's all about keeping indoor cats busy. The only one that has ventured on it is Angel so far...and he just rubbed the little arms that hold the ball thingies. But still, it's progress!


  1. haha yes you know it's serious when large appliances are involved! congrats! When you guys got married did you have a registry or anything? Since I'm moving to England I definitely don't want people buying me stuff that I can't take with me. I was thinking about doing a registry at an English store but then again, cash is always preferable. What do you suggest?

  2. Nice one, Patty. We still have seperate units as well. We tried a wedding registry on to make it easier for people from the US...but no dice. The ONLY thing that was purchased for us was an electric can opener from Christine (which we LOVE)...but no one from the States sent anything. Not even a card of 'Congratulations.'

  3. OMG Andy and I have those State magnets also!! How cool is that?!? :)
    We need to get the cats a big scratcher.. they always had one in the States but I couldn't find one here that I liked, however that is a super cute one! :)

  4. Amanda: When Ian and I got married in the States, we just had a card box. Some friends and family got us lovely gifts, which most stayed in the States (I packed the small stuff) but I will be begging my Dad to bring them with him when he comes next year for a visit. We didn't get any appliances.

    Meg: Sorry to hear that people from the States were "meh" in regards to gifts and things. It wasn't terrible having two separate units, it's just the freezer Ian had for eons and it was starting to wear out and become a danger.

    Christine: We love those State magnets. They represent all the states that Ian and I have been to together, as well as the other magnets on there (minus the bear and The Beatles). Every time we go anywhere now we try and get a magnet. And the cat scratch unit was about £34 at Pets at Home. Angel is the only one that's used it still....but atleast it's something.

  5. We get magnets also! lol Will have to post a picture of them sometime. :)