Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 346 of 365: It's My Party and I'll Drink if I Want To!

It's Saturday, which that means it's time for our English wedding party!

Since none of our English/European friends and family could make it to the wedding in America last year, Ian and I decided to throw a party so they could enjoy your life together as well.

It was a stressful morning, but it was well worth it in the end.

Jamie and Alan arrived at 11am at our place. We sat around the house for a little over an hour and then made our way down to the New Forest to The White Buck Inn where our party was being held. Ian, bless his heart, had been so focused on making this party not only good for us, but exceptionally good for those that we care about the most. We knew it would be hectic, so we arranged to have a small picnic in the Forest with Jamie, Alan, Reagan, Abel, Jantina, Veerle, Roger, Mel, and Rob. Unfortunately, Veerle was ill on Saturday, so Jan stayed behind at the Inn to look after Lil' V.

Ian and I packed sandwiches, drinks, fruit, and other little nibbles for us to eat. We drove up by the cricket pitch where a game was going on. The meal began when just as we were digging in, a small family of horses came by and ambushed our meal. People scattered everywhere, the younger horse nibbled on my shirt sleeve, and we were trying to salvage as much of the food as we could.

Eventually we were able to settle, chic chat, and whatnot and eat some, until ANOTHER family of horses!

After our picnic, Ian and I went back to the White Buck with everyone except the Forster family who were staying at a local B&B. We had a few drinks, met more family, and then finally I went to take a shower while Ian set up the rest of the things that needed to be done. In the last 20 minutes before the party started I think everyone ran around like crazy finalizing things.

But, I think the party was a great success. People that mean something in our lives got to mingle with others. It was amazing to see everyone I know here in one place at the same time. It was AWESOME! :)

One of the many attempts at a group shot. Thanks, Jamie, for being our photographer!

I did, however, get VERY drunk thanks to The Hubba Bubba working for a brewery and having loads of drinks provided for free! The bed sure did spin when I got in!

So I want to say thank you to anyone and everyone that came to our "do" and made it a wonderful night. We TRULY appreciate it. :)

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