Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 349 of 365: Talky Tuesday

It's Tuesday. Seems like our week off is flying by already.

Today was not an eventful day, other than speaking to Meg and Jamie on the phone. Ian and I are going up to see Jamie, Alan, and Reagan tomorrow, and then Jamie, Ian, Reagan, and I are meeting up with Meg and Ryan on Thursday. Will be nice. :)

I did, however, need to go into Winchester to pick up a few things. I FINALLY went into Paperchase, which I've wanted to do since I first saw the store. It's a really cute stationary store and I wanted to spend TONS of money in there, but I only spent about £10.

I got the things I needed, and picked up something I wanted. Since Ian and I are still trying to save money by me taking the bus, I purchased a bus pass holder:

Isn't it cute? And it totally fulfills my "crazy cat lady" fix. :)

And speaking of, I was looking at a photo of Ashes that we have on our shelf and thought I wonder if I took one of Angel how much they would look alike. Let's compare....



I love them both. :)

Right.....need to get some things together so I'm not running around like mad in the morning.

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