Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 348 of 365: I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye I Say Hello

It's the morning! We got SOME sleep last night, but nothing fantastic. Ian and I slept in the guest room. Jan, Abel, and V had our room. Roger slept on the couch.

Angel and Spike kept coming in and out of our room all night. At one point I rolled over to see Angel sitting next to my head, where he let out a very quite "meow" looking oh-so-adorable. Spike settled at my feet for a little bit.

We all got up, Ian made breakfast for The Dutchies and Roger, and then we had to depart.

But not without our traditional couch shot!

We sat in the same order as we did the first week we all met...except this time we have Veerle in the photo!

The original couch shot....back in 2008

Afterwards, Ian made he and I breakfast, then played with the cats. Abel discovered last night while we were playing the Wii that our war gun has a red light on the end, so he decided to run Angel ragged (Spike wasn't havin' it). So today, Ian played with the boys and the gun once again. Will post the video at a later date! :p

Oh yes, and spoke to Jamie today for a bit to catch up on yesterday, and made plans for the middle of the week. :)

Ian and I then had to run errands (like, return the bar things, look for a few other things, etc). We got a few more things for the Wii (and we only spent £7!)

The very busy weekend definitely caught up with us though, as we fell asleep on the couches for an hour or so this evening, and we couldn't even eat all of our tea. So now we relax a bit more then hit the hay (we NEEEEED sleep).

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