Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 150 of 365: Happy Birthday Dear Leon and Jacob....

Happy 2nd Birthday to Jacob and Leon!

Ian and I went over to see them. We got them cards with badges, so near the end of the visit their Mom put them on.

So it was a noisy afternoon. But, I melt whenever Jacob says my And they both hung around me quite a bit because I gave them chocolate. I know a way to a toddler's heart, ya know!

But yes, was a wonderful time. We watched the boys play as it rained outside.

Ian and I were supposed to go and see Madness tonight, but with it raining every day for the past week plus, we didn't want to stand in a muddy field for 3 hours.

We decided to come back, have dinner, and watch The Reader. Was an o.k. film, but I don't think I need to ever see Kate Winslet's breasts again.

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