Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 136 of 365: Oh the Red, White, and Blue

Happy Independence Day to my American friends!!!

Today Ian and I were in Brixham for Josy's 4th of July party. It was REALLY lovely to finally meet Jamie and Josy. They've been my rocks since moving to England (especially Jamie).

The morning started with taking a shower in our room.....yes IN our room. The shower was next to the bed, which was strange but cool at the same time.

We had breakfast (which was lovely. Jill and Richard cooked it, of course). We thought we were the only ones in the B&B for awhile. But, eventually, an elderly couple joined us for breakfast, then a German family came in. The Dad was very tall, and said loudly with a husky voice "Good morning!" over and over.

After loading the car we were on our way to Josy's. I texted Jamie and we had a slight race to get to Jo's. Jamie and Alan

We all sort of screamed, and gabbed forever, and hung out in Josy's house until her fiance, Jason, came home from work. Then we headed off to go into Brixham, took a bunch of photos, Jamie and I played on a playground for a bit, and we went and had lunch at an American themed restaurant. The food was all right.

Left to Right: Jamie, Alan, me, Ian, Josy, Jason

Then Jason started to take us on a walk of the coast. It had GORGEOUS views, but after awhile, it turned into hell.

We walked through the woods, so everything was rocky, there were stinging nettles (which Jamie screamed out whenever we came up to them to let me know since I trailed behind....and she got stung once). We walked through mud, and horse poop, you name it, it happened. AND, Jamie asked if she and I were o.k. in flip flops. Jason said yes. WRONG!!!

We probably ended up walking like, 8-10 miles!!! And it was hot...AND it was up and down the cliff all day. I couldn't believe it. And I complained quite a bit, buuuttt....if I had the right shoes on the walk wouldn't have been so bad. The walk literally took us almost 4 hours to do.

So we tried to hurry back to Josy's place to take showers RIGHT when her other guests were showing up. They loved our t-shirts and outfits:

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