Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 140 of 365: Dust to Dust

Carrick came over again today around 12:45pm to get the rest of my MIL's room cleared out.

We worked very hard and ruthlessly to get it all cleared out (well, atleast what we COULD take out today), the walls and window wiped down, and the carpet vacuumed. Which, by the way, this is a PRIME example that my MIL has not fully cleaned her room since she moved in about 5 years ago:

Carrick and I literally left footprints in the dust on the carpet!

It was very gross.

Then poor Carrick cleaned off the ceiling fan, and a HUGE layer of dust just fell right into his hair:

So after that, we packed it in for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we just might start painting a bit so this weekend it won't take as long. Maybe we can atleast prep the walls.

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