Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 137 of 365: Happy Happy Brithday, Baby

Today is my MIL's 76th birthday.

After getting in from Brixham at 3am, Ian and I were completely shattered today. Our bodies were killing us from the walk the day before, and we just didn't want to do anything, but the whole family went to Canada Commons in West Wellow for my MIL's birthday party.

The nephews were not wonderfully behaved, but we were all too knackered to deal with it.

And I had one of the coolest experiences today. The donkeys were out in full force today, coming up to the families that were having picnics and whatnot. This wonderful, and VERY pregnant donkey, came RIGHT up to us, wanting some food. We tried to feed her some cucumbers, but she wasn't having it. She ate the popcorn though, and then since grass had blown into the potato salad, I fed it to her. She was very tame, and nice, and let all of us pet her and love her. I never thought I would feed a donkey in my life!

A note: There are signs EVERYWHERE in the New Forest telling you not to feed the wild animals. I did not know this and had never seen one of the signs, thus why I was feeding the donkey. If you visit the forest, do not do what I did. You CAN get in trouble for it if a warden catches you.

After that, and a MUCH needed nap, Ian and I went to the pub quiz.

I was too exhausted to fight Ian and Carole off, and they took advantage of that AND my leg, and drew all over me.


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