Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 146 of 365: Wishing You a Happy Jourey Home

Went into Romsey today to watch and honor the Princess of Wale's Royal Regiment's march and ceremony. This group just got back from fighting in Afghanistan.

It was an amazing site to see. Flags everywhere, Union Jack balloons, and a veteran helped Kathryn and I hang a St. George's Cross flag out the window at the Chamber office (which Kathryn was ever so nice to let me go up there and watch high above the rest of the crowd).

I wore my sparkly American flag hat, and one of the troops said he really liked it.

But I really enjoyed it. I wanted to cry at one point. Plus it was cool to see the mayor of Romsey and his fancy dress.

Thank you, lads, for fighting for our freedom.

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