Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 135 of 365: On the Road Again.... was quite the busy day!

Woke up when Ian did because I had loads to do.

First, I had to get things squared away with my MIL for the weekend. The family was taking my MIL out to purchase paints and whatnot for her bedroom. She will be going up to London to stay with my sister-in-law, Cheryl, while we redecorate her room next week/weekend.

Then I had to make a batch of deviled eggs for my MIL's birthday party on Sunday.

After that, I had to pack, make sure I had everything I needed for my interview, get ahold of Ian (who was taking me to my interview), and whatnot.

But, the icing on the cake was, after we packed up the car so we could head to Josy's RIGHT after my interview, we tried starting the piece of crap, and it wouldn't start!

Ian took me to my interview in his work van, and while I was sweating and answering questions, he was able to find us a rental car.

So....went home for a bit because we couldn't pick up the car until 5pm. Then, after getting it, we headed out and made our way to Paighton. The B&B we stayed at was lovely (so if you go down to the coast, stay with Jill and Richard! :)). It was their first night as "landlords" I suppose. They had JUST taken over the place.

And there was a ginger cat that lives next door that darted out of the bushes when we were walking to and from getting our things. It was hilarious!

So, one thing I didn't want to boldly announce was that a few hours after my interview, the nursing home phoned and offered me to the job! So I shall start training here soon. Just need to wait for the recruitment office to do my paperwork and whatnot. YAY!!!!! So I now have a job in England!!!!

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  1. OMG huge congrats to you. Wish I was there and could buy you a celebratory drink or two. I am so happy for you!