Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 142 of 365: Hey! What's the Big Idea????

So, another day of painting and whatnot was today.

Buuuttt......I had to do some more pre-employment things for the new job. I phoned the FBI (yes, that big ol' group in the US) to find out what to do for my background check. Basically, I paid a lot of money for a computer to tell me to go online to their website.

Then I called the American Embassy to ask about the local police check. They told me to go to their website as well.

I DID look on both of their sites for quite some time, but I didn't realise that I had to phone to find out the ACTUAL page on the website. Crazy?!

Both sites told me I needed to have my finger prints done, so I paid 35 quid at the Romsey police station to have old fashioned prints done. Thankfully, Kathryn was there to make light of the matter.

Around tea time I also phoned the Wickliffe police (it was weird to hear 1) an American ring tone, 2) an American voice on the phone, and 3) talking about my HS because the officer also graduated from Wickliffe). Anywho, long story short, they're doing a check for me and mailing out here to England. Yes, folks, I need both checks. But, I COMPLETELY understand why.

Anywho, but while waiting for the bus to come home this afternoon, this poster caught my eye:

Looks harmless...but a friend of mine pointed out what the first letter of each word spells out on the can.

Yes. Need I say more?

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