Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 149 of 365: Sick Sank Sunk

Spent the day in bed today because I didn't feel well.

I was all ready to go into town, but wanted to make some lunch beforehand.

All of a sudden I got a bit dizzy and sweaty, and my stomach was hurting.....soooo....yeah. Vegged out today. It pissed down all day though, so I guess that was a good thing.

But, highlight! Yesterday when I went to ASDA (woot!), I found the facial cleanser that I used in America. I asked someone a month or so ago if it would ever be here, and they said "Probably not" but low and behold, it's new here!

So, the American bottle next to the UK one:

It's a good thing that the little things amuse me.

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